• The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 117 No 2 (2013)

    1. Luminiţa Smaranda Iancu, Ramona Gabriela UrsuThe rationale for implementation of HPV testing in routine cervical screening in Romania [Page: 293]  


    2. C. Bălălău, S. Stoian, I. Motofei, B. Popescu, F. Popa, R.V. Scăunaşu Zenker’s diverticulum, a rare cause of upper  gastrointestinal bleeding [Page: 297] 
    3. B. Miuţescu , I. Sporea , Alina Popescu , Simona Bota , Dana Iovănescu ,  Amelia Burlea, Liana Mos, Mădălina Palaghia, A. Vasilescu, E. Miuţescu: Effectiveness of the immunochemical fecal test (fit) for detection of advanced adenomas in colorectal carcinoma screening in an asymptomatic population. [Page: 201] 
    4. F Mitu, Roxana Cobzaru, Maria-Magdalena LeoInfluence of metabolic syndrome profile on cardiovascular risk. [Page: 308] 
    5. Răzvana Munteanu Dănulescu, A. Ciobică, Carol Stanciu, Anca TrifanThe role of rifaximine in the prevention  of the spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. [Page: 315] 
    6. Lavinia Caba, Cristina Rusu, Lacramioara Butnariu, Monica Panzaru, Elena Braha,M. Volosciuc, Roxana Popescu, Mihaela Gramescu, C. Bujoran, Violeta Martiniuc, M. Covic, EV Gorduza : Phenotypic variability in Patau syndrome. [Page: 321] 
    7. Raluca Dănulescu, D. CostinThe assessment of treatment efficacy in age related macular degeneration by evaluating the oxidative stress markers and oct measurements. [Page: 328] 
    8. Simona Gavrilescu, Elena Hanganu, I. Sarbu, S. G. AproduQuality of life of patients with esophageal  replacement for congenital and acquired  esophageal anomalies. [Page: 334] 
    9. M. Roca, F. Mitu, Iulia-Cristina Roca, T. Mihăescu: Body composition alterations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Page: 337]   

    10. V. A. Nechifor, Iulia Potorac, Lidia Iuliana Arhire, Otilia Niţă, D. I. Trufă,  Laura Mihalache, Mariana GraurThe role and interactions of ghrelin concerning  the nutritional and inflammatory status. [Page: 344] 
    11. Luana Macovei, Isabella Brujbu,R.V. MurariuCoxarthrosis – disease of multifactorial etiology methods of prevention and treatment. the role of kinesitherapy in coxarthrosis. [Page: 293] 
    12. Viviana AursuleseiPeripartum cardiomyopathy: a challenge for  cardiologist. [Page: 358] 
    13. Elena Toader , Irina Ciortescu: Is there a risk for lymphoma or extracolonic cancer in patients with inflammatory Bowel disease? [Page: 368] 
    14. Irina Iuliana Costache, Ana Clara AprotosoaieClinical and therapeutic aspects of amiodarone  induced thyroid dysfunction. [Page: 375] 
    15. Paraschiva Postolache, Doina-Clementina Cojocaru: Pulmonary rehabilitation - from guidelines to practice. [Page: 380] 
    16. Emilia Lidia Chirilă, Paraschiva PostolacheOrthostatic intolerance and chronic fatigue syndrome - possible related conditions. [Page: 388] 
    17. R.V. Murariu, Luana Andreea Macovei, Isabella Cristina Brujbu: Osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis [Page: 394]   

    18. Doina-Clementina Cojocaru, Corina Dima Cozma, Paraschiva Postolache: Markers of insulin resistance in a case of Launois-Bensaude syndrome [Page: 404] 


    19. O. Alexa, B. VeliceasaPercutaneous herbert screw osteosynthesis in  trans-scaphoid perilunate fracture-dislocations.[Page: 409] 
    20. Andreea Enache, B. Marinescu, T. EnacheControlled ovarian hyperstimulation and IVF pregnancy prognosis. [Page: 414] 
    21. R. F. Popa, Cristina Strobescu, Genoveva Baroi, A. Raza, V. Fotea: Complex utrasound study of the atherosclerotic plaque [Page: 424] 

    22. Dorina Codreanu, Anca Coricovac, Luminita Mirzan, Laura Dracea, B. Marinescu,  I. BoleacNatural conception following total fertilization failure with intracytoplasmic sperm injection in a couple with unexplained infertility: a case report. [Page: 431] 
    23. C. Bălălău, I. Motofei, S. Voiculescu, F. Popa, R.V. ScăunaşuNecrotizing enterocolitis, a rare but severe condition with insidious postoperative complications. [Page: 439]   


    24. Gabriela Bordeianu, Elena Petrescu-Danila, Didona Ungureanu, B. Stoica, Raluca Stanescu, A. Cernomaz, M. Rusu: Rad52 protein function study  by fluorescence tagging. [Page: 444] 
    25. Elena Braha, Violeta Martiniuc, Monica Panzaru, Lavinia Caba, Lăcrămioara Butnariu, M. Onofriescu, Demetra Socolov, Mihaela Grigore, D. Nemescu, Elena Mihălceanu, G. Iliev, E.V. Gorduza: Prenatal diagnosis of gonosomal anomalies:  limitations of the fish method and genetic  counseling difficulties in 15 cases. [Page: 450]   


    26. V. Prisacari, I. Berdeu: Antimicrobial resistance in septic-purulent infections. [Page: 457] 
    27. Irina M. Brumboiu, P. Czernichow, Giorgiana Hâţu, Iuliana N. Gorgan, O. Hosu, I. S. BocşanThe seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus infection among blood donors from the North West region of Romania. [Page: 465] 
    28. A. Vâţă, Cătălina M. Luca, Elena Duca, Teodorescu Irina, Carmen Manciuc, Luminiţa G. Vâţă, Carmen DorobăţViral meningites admitted to an infectious diseases hospital: a retrospective case series. [Page: 476] 
    29. Maria Liliana Iliescu, Dana Teodora AntonAn indirect evaluation of the national program of diabetes mellitus– study case of Romania. [Page: 483] 
    30. Maria-Magdalena Leon, F Mitu: The clinical-epidemological study of drugs  used to treat arterial hypertension and  comorbidities associated. [Page: 488] 

    31. Isabella Cristina Brujbu, Luana Andreea Macovei, R.V. Murariu: The third age – a current issue for the family physician.[Page: 495]    


    32. D. Şerban, Ancuţa Banu, Costela Şerban, Ioana Tuţă-Sas, Brigitha VlaicuPredictors of quantitative microbiological analysis of spatter and aerosolization during scaling. [Page: 503] 
    33. Dana Cristiana Maxim, I. Luchian, R. Cernei, E. Mihalas, Vasilica Toma: Value of ICDAS index in a preschool community from Iasi. [Page: 509]  

    34. Mihaela Cernuşca Miţariu, Raluca Dragomir, B.Oprea, C.Ţanţar, Alina Cristian, Cristina Dahm Tataru: Conservative treatment of dental trauma:  case presentation-direct adhesive restoration  techniques of the 4 upper incisors with different types of fractures on the coronal level. [Page: 515]  


    35. Alina-Diana Panainte (Gudruman), Nela Bibire, Gladiola Țântaru, M. Apostu,  Mădălina VieriuValidation of a spectrophotometric assay method for bisoprolol using picric acid. [Page: 520] 
    36. Lenuţa Profire, D. Pieptu, RalucaPetronela Dumitriu, Oana Dragostin, Cornelia Vasile: Sulfadiazine modified CS/HA PEC  destined to wound dressing. [Page: 525] 
    37. Ioana Vasincu (Geangalau), Maria Apotrosoaei, Cristina Tuchiluş, Andreea Teodora Pânzariu, Oana Dragostin, D. Lupaşcu, Lenuta ProfireNew derivatives of aryl-propionic acid. synthesis  and biological evaluation. [Page: 532] 
    38. Maria Apotrosoaei, Ioana Vasincu,Cristina Tuchiluş, Florentina Lupascu, Sandra Constantin, D. Lupaşcu, Lenuta ProfireNew hydrazones with pyrazolone structure: synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation. [Page: 538] 
    39. Al. Vasincu, Elena Creţu, Ioana Geangalău, Roxana Laura Mihăilescu Amalinei, Anca MironPolyphenolic content and antioxidant activity of an extractive fraction from Abies alba bark. [Page: 545] 
    40. Elena Cretu, S. D. Miron, Anca Miron: Bioactivity screening of Pinus brutia bark extracts: superoxide dismutase-like and nitric oxide  scavenging effects. [Page: 551]   

    41. Oana Maria Parasca (Dragostin), Florentina Gheaţă (Lupaşcu), Andreea Pânzariu, Ioana Geangalău (Vasincu), Lenuţa Profire:Importance of sulfonamide moiety in current  and future therapy. [Page: 558] 
    42. Cornelia Vasile, D. Pieptu, Raluca Petronela Dumitriu, Andreea Pânzariu, Lenuţa Profire: Chitosan/hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex hydrogels in the management of burn wounds. [Page: 565]     


    43. M. Ilea, M. Turnea, M. Rotariu: Differential equations with applications  in cancer diseases. [Page: 572] 

    44. Anca Miron: University professor doctor Emanoil Grigorescu at 90 years. [Page: 578] 

  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 117 No 1 (2013)

    Cristina Cijevschi Prelipcean, Catalina MihaiChronic hepatitis C virus infection in 2013 - Quo vadis? [Page: 7]  


    1. Anca Durla, M. Ienciu, C. Bredicean, I. Papava, M. CristanovicStability and change in the clinical course  of schizoaffective disorder [Page: 11]
    2. D. Achitei, Elena Gologan, Gabriela Stefanescu, G. BalanClinical, biological and epidemiological aspects of inflammatory Bowel diseases in north-east Romania[Page: 16]
    3. Gabriela Dumitrescu, Catalina Mihai, Mihaela Dranga, Cristina Cijevschi PrelipceanBone mineral density in patients with inflammatory bowel disease from north-eastern Romania  [Page: 23]
    4. M. Roca, F. Mitu, Iulia-Cristina Roca, T. MihaescuBody composition alterations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease[Page: 29]
    5. Adela Chirita Emandi, Maria Puiu, M. Gafencu, Corina PienarOverweight and obesity in school age children  in western Romania [Page: 36]
    6. I. Hassan,  C. Brendel, A. Zielke, A. Burchert, R. DanilaImmune regulatory plasmacytoid dendritic cells selectively accumulate in perithyroidal lymph nodes of patients with Graves disease: implications for the understanding of autoimmunity [Page: 46]
    7. Zsuzsánna Szász,, Z. Ábrám, L.Szász, H. Moldovan, Annamária DemeterBiological monitoring as proficient assessment method in chronic exposure to irritating gases and vapors [Page: 52]
    8. F. Mitu, O. Mitu, Cristina Dimitriu, G. Dimitriu, Magda MituSignificance of arterial stiffness and relationship  with other noninvasive methods for the assessment  of subclinical atherosclerosis inpatients with  metabolic syndrome [Page: 59]
    9. Alina Costina Luca, C. IordacheObesity - a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases [Page: 65]
    10. Maria Gabriela Traian, Adorata Elena Coman, Elena Popa, L. Traian, Rodica PetrovanuStress: from symptom to disease[Page: 72]
    11. Natalia Capros, N. Barbacar, V. Istrati, T. BranisteAspects of the molecular-genetic profile in patients with ischemic heart disease [Page: 78]
    12. A. Nemtoi, I. Danila, Oana Ladunca, Ana Petcu, Ana Bamboi, Danisia HabaClinical – imaging  aspects of young permanent teeth traumas and the ethiopatogenic mechanisms involved [Page: 83]
    13. Georgeta Diaconu, M. Burlea, Ioana Grigore, Dana Teodora Anton, Laura Mihaela TrandafirCeliac disease with neurologic manifestations  in children [Page: 88]
    14. Setalia Popa, Genoveva Baroi, R. F. Popa, D. M. Datcu, Viviana AursuleseiEpidemiological characteristics of peripheral artery disease: retrospective study [Page: 95] 
    15. D. Sardaru, L. PendefundaNeuro-proprioceptive facilitation in the re-education of functional problems in facial paralysis. a practical approach [Page: 101]

    16. Diana Ciubotariu, M. NechiforManganese interactions with dopaminergic system [Page: 107]
    17. Isabella Cristina Murariu-Brujbu, Luana Andreea MacoveiDoctor-patient dialogue – basic aspect  of medical consultation[Page: 113]
    18. Ioana Cristina Amihaesei, Elena Cojocaru, O.C. MungiuAlzheimer - certitudes and hypotheses [Page: 119]
    19. Viviana AursuleseiResistant hypertension: the role of interventional therapy [Page: 127]


    20. C. Lupascu, Corina Ursulescu, N. Danila, V. Grigorean, E. Târcoveanu, D. Andronic: Early retropancreatic lamina dissection during  pancreaticoduodenectomy: how, when and why? [Page: 137]

    21. B. Novac, C. Costache, Oana Costachescu, V. Nechifor, Adelina Miron, C. Ciuta, C. NovacLocal periprostatic anesthesia between option  and necessity in transrectal ultrasound - guided prostate biopsy [Page: 143]

    22. C. Costache, C. Novac, C. Ciuta, Oana Costachescu, C. Costandache, V. Radu, C. Ristescu, R. Andriciuc, B. NovacRadical retropubic prostatectomy – initial experience [Page: 148]
    23. R. F. Popa, Cristina Strobescu, Genoveva Baroi, A. RazaSurgical revascularization in chronic mesenteric ischemia [Page: 153]
    24. O. Alexa, B. VeliceasaMultiple myeloma with bilateral humerus location. Case report [Page: 160]


    25. A. Sturza, Silvia N. Mirica, Oana Duicu, Dorina Gheorgheosu, Lavinia Noveanu, O. Fira-Mladinescu, Danina M. Muntean:Monoamine oxidase - a inhibition reverses endothelial dysfunction in hypertensive rat aortic rings [Page: 165]

    26. Rodica Gramma, Andrada Parvu, Angela Enache, G. Roman, Beatrice IoanTruth or lie – some ethical dilemmas  in the communication of a severe diagnosis [Page: 172]


    27. E. Pelechas, Doina AzoicaiGastroesophageal reflux disease: epidemiological  data, symptomatology and risk factors[Page: 183]
    28. Aida Corina Badescu, Luminita Smaranda Iancu, Laura StatescuDemodex: commensal or pathogen? [Page: 189]

    29. Anca Chiriac, Liliana Foia, Anca E. Chiriac, Sonia Nanescu, Florina Filip, C. Solovan, E.V. GorduzaHand, foot and mouth disease – outbreak in Romania? [Page: 194]

    30. C. L. Patru,, V. Surlin, I. Georgescu, Emilia PatruCurrent issues in gastric cancer epidemiology [Page: 199]


    31. Norina Consuela Forna, Cristina Dascalu, Doriana Forna, Magda-Ecaterina AntoheIncidence and prevalence of dental - periodontal  conditions and edentation in Moldavia [Page:   205]
    32. Oana Ladunca (Rusu), Irina Zetu, Ana Petcu, A. Nemtoi, Eliza Dragan, Danisia HabaThe essential role of cone beam computed tomography to diagnosis the localization of impacted maxillary canine and to detect the austerity of the adjacent root resorption in the romanian population [Page: 212]
    33. M. Rivis, M. Poenaru, H. Ionita, E. Lazar, Danisia Haba, S. BradThe MRI fine evaluation of cervical lymphadenopathies and associated oral cavity pathological conditions [Page: 217]
    34. R. Cioata,, Carmen Savin, Maria Vataman A. Maxim, Adriana BalanConsiderations on the epidemiology, etiology  and profile of periodontal - dental injuries in preschool population in Iasi county [Page: 222]

    35. Eugenia Popescu, Violeta Trandafir, D. Negru, N. Dobrin, Daniela TrandafirHemangioma of the parotid gland: case report[Page: 227]


    36. Ana Clara Aprotosoaie, Elena Raileanu, Adriana Trifan, Oana CioancaThe polyphenolic content  of common lamiaceae species available as herbal tea products in romanian  pharmacies [Page: 233]
    37. Oana Maria Parasca (Dragostin), Florentina Lupascu, Cornelia Vasile, M. Mares, V. Nastasa,Lenuta ProfireNew hydrazines with sulphonamidic structure:  synthesis, characterization and biological activity [Page: 238]
    38. Florentina Lupascu, Oana Maria Dragostin, Maria Apotrosoaei, Andreea Pânzariu, Lupascu Dan, Cornelia Vasile, Lenuta ProfireSynthesis and evaluation of antioxidant activity of some new benzylidene-thiazolidine-xanthine derivatives [Page: 244]
    39. Elena Cretu, Adriana Trifan, Ana Clara Aprotosoaie, Anca Miron15-Lipoxygenase inhibition, superoxide and hydroxyl radicals scavenging activities of Cedrus brevifolia bark extracts [Page:   250]
    40. Magdalena Bîrsan, Iuliana Popovici , Laura Palade , Ileana CojocaruResearch studies on the quality of bio-mucoadhesive tablets containing miconazole nitrate [Page: 257]
    41. Ileana Cojocaru , Laura Palade,  Iuliana Popovici , Gabriela Georgescu, Magdalena BîrsanResearch on the development of bioadhesive vaginal tablets containing 5-fluorouracil [Page: 263]


    42. C. Rotariu, H. CostinRemote respiration monitoring system  for sleep apnea detection [Page: 268]
    43. M. Zagnat, Corina Cheptea, A. F. SpacContributions to the phytochemical study of Bidens tripartitae herba from Romania I. tannins [Page: 275]

    Neurofiziologie. Rolul unor neurotransmitatori si zone nervoase în modularea proceselor cognitive si imunitare.  
    by Lucian Hritcu, Publishing House of the University ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iasi, 2011, 231 pages. Reviewed by Prof. Ursula Stanescu, Ph.D. [Page: 233]

  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 4 (2012)

    Valeriu Rusu: Palade was for cell biology what Einstein was for physics [Page: 943] 

    1. Corina Morcov (Buta), Carmen Vulpoi, D. BranisteanuRelationship between bone mineral density, weight, and estrogen levels in pre and postmenopausal women [Page: 946]
    2. Laura Maria Curic, Carmen Vulpoi: The place of ultrasound assisted megaliposuction in the Romanian obesity therapy dedicated programs [Page: 951]
    3. Ana-Maria Pelin, Silvia Matasaru: Metabolic syndrome in obese children and adolescents[Page: 957]
    4. Irina Iuliana Costache, Cristina Rusu, I. Ivanov, Roxana Popescu, A. Petris: Impact of Clopidogrel response on the clinical evolution in patients with acute coronary syndromes [Page: 962]
    5. Gabriela Dumitrescu, Mihaela Dranga, Iulia Andreea Pintilie, Otilia Nedelciuc: The prevalence of anaemia in patients with  inflammatory bowel diseases in north-eastern Romania [Page: 968]
    6. Elena Toader, V. L. Drug, Iulia Munteanu, Diana Petroiu, Irina Ciortescu, Oana Barboi, A. MohammadMalignant tumors of digestive organs and liver  metastases at the time of diagnosis [Page: 975]
    7. Daniela Elena Serban: Nutrition in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: is it useful for prevention and therapy? [Page: 983]
    8. Irina Girleanu, Anca Trifan, Camelia Cojocariu, Ana-Maria Singeap, C. Sfarti, C. StanciuThe risk of thrombotic events in patients with liver cirrhosis [Page: 991]
    9. L. Miron, L. Negura, D. Peptanariu, M. MarincaResearch on aromatase gene (CYP19A1) polymorphisms  as a predictor of endocrine therapy effectiveness  in breast cancer [Page: 997]
    10. B. Gafton, Simona Parciu, Elena Murgulet, G. BalanEvaluation of tumor response to systemic therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma [Page: 1005]
    11. M. D. Cobzeanu, Monica Voineag, V. L. Drug, Anca Ciubotaru, B. M. Cobzeanu, O. D. PaladeLaryngeal morphological changes due to gastroesophageal reflux disease [Page: 1011]
    12. C. Martiniuc, A. Braniste, T. Braniste: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and pulmonary hypertension [Page: 1016]
    Roxana Irimia, Anca TrifanEfficacy of rifaximin versus lactulose for reducing the recurrence of overt hepatic encephalopathy and hopitalizations in cirrhosis [Page: 1021]
    14. Alina Costina Luca, Isabela Ioana Begezsan (Loghin), C. IordacheParticularities in diagnosis and treatment  for infectious endocarditis in children [Page: 1028] 

    15. C. I. Axinte, Teodora Alexa, Irina Cracana, Ioana Dana AlexaMacro-creatine kinase syndrome as an underdiagnosed cause of CK-MB increase in the absence of myocardial infarction: two case reports [Page: 1033]
    16. D. Teodor, Andra Teodor, Lucia Grigore, Gabriela Juganariu, Carmen Mihaela Dorobat, Egidia Miftode, Doina AzoicaiSide effects of antiviral therapy in hepatitis C virus infection–sarcoidosis- case report [Page: 1039]
    17. F. Mitu, Adina M. TurcanuChronic venous insufficiency stage V CEAP secondary to hereditary thrombophilia at a young man [Page: 1044]
    18. Voichita Mogos, Simona Mogos, C. Sfarti, Roxana Bacauanu, Oana Hutanu, Elena Cotea, Delia Ciobanu, Cornelia Tudorache, E. TarcoveanuFamilial syndromic papillary thyroid carcinoma - report of two cases [Page: 1048]


    19. M. Roca, Iulia-Cristina Roca, T. MihaescuLung cancer – a comorbidity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Page: 1055]


    20. Maria Chifan, Mihaela Tirnovanu, Mihaela Grigore, C. ZanoschiCervical incompetence associated with congenital uterine malformations [Page: 1063]
    21. Mihaela-Camelia Tirnovanu, Simona Amancei, A. Dumitrescu, M. Onofriescu, Irina DumitrascuManagement of borderline ovarian tumors [Page: 1069]
    22. C. L. Romanec, Georgeta ZeganSurgical-orthodontic treatment of malocclusions through BEGG technique [Page: 1076]
    23. C. Diaconu, Roxana-Maria Livadariu, C. DogaruThe risk of lymphedema after breast cancer surgical treatment [Page: 1081]
    24. Ledia Balla, N. Ianovici, D. Costin: Pathology of the optic nerve injury [Page: 1087]
    25. S. Daja, N. Ianovici, D. CostinNeurosurgical approach in orbital pathology -  unicentric study [Page: 1091]

    26. N. Balalaa, A. Saleh, A. Hadad, I. Hassan: Strategy of surgical treatment of giant presacral  tumor- a case report [Page: 1095]
    C. Ciuta, V. Nechifor, I. Tomac, Adelina Miron, B. Novac, C. NovacLyme disease - unusual medical encounter for an urologist [Page: 1101]

    28. Ana-Maria Todosi, Mihaela-Madalina Gavrilescu, Gabriela-Maria Anitei, B. Filip, V. ScripcariuColon cancer at molecular level- usefulness of  epithelial - mesenchymal transition analysis [Page:1106]
    29. Mihaela-Madalina Gavrilescu, Ana-Maria Todosi, Maria-Gabriela Anitei, B. Filip, V. ScripcariuExpression of BMI-1 protein in cervical, breast  and ovarian cancer [Page: 1112]


    30. Diana Ciubotariu, M. NechiforInvolvement of imidazoline system in drug addiction [Page: 1118]
    31. Ramona Mircea, E. Anton, Carmen Anton, Cristina Tarniceriu, A. H. Nedelcu, Florentina Zenovia PricopSpecific features of the stromal ovarian tumors [Page: 1123]
    32. M. Botez, Carmen Anton , Ramona Mircea, E. AntonNoninvasive laser therapy for outpatients with chronic inflammatory disorders of cervix [Page: 1131]
    33. Raluca Danulescu, D. CostinUse of blood markers in early diagnosis of oxidative stress in age related macular degeneration [Page: 1136]

    34. Isabella Cristina Murariu, Luana MacoveiSüdeck´s post-traumatic osteodystrophy [Page: 1143]


    Ioana Tuta-Sas, Brigitha Vlaicu, Sorina Doroftei, Cristina Petrescu, Corneluta Fira-Mladinescu, Salomeia Putnoky, Oana Suciu, R. Bagiu, S. Ursoniu, D. SerbanDietary patterns in young adults from timis county [Page: 1150]
    36. D. Grigorescu, A. MaghiarEfficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing intrathoracic infections after thoracostomy for traumatic haemo/pneumothorax – experience of Oradea county emergency hospital [Page: 1157]
    37. Ingrid Elena Cojocariu, Roxana Bahnea, Catalina Luca, Daniela Leca, Mariana LucaClinical and biological features of adult toxocariasis [Page: 1162]
    38. Oana Codruta Miloicov Bacean, Brigitha VlaicuDefining family elements in adolescence [Page: 1166]
    39. Teodora Vremera, Luminita Smaranda Iancu, E. V. Nastase, Catalina Logigan, Egidia Gabriela Miftode, Ana Irina Mereuta, Catalina Lunca, Olivia Simona DorneanuTriplex real-time PCR for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and panton-valentine leukocidin in north-east Romania [Page: 1171]
    40. Mihaela Popa, R. Bagiu, Brigitha VlaicuContribution of certain individual factors and of the entourage to the heavy smoker status  in timis county students [Page: 1177]
    42. Odette Nicolae, F. Popovici, Emilia Lupulescu, Alina Elena Ivanciuc, G. NeculaSevere acute respiratory infections surveillance in Romania - is it any gain to public health? [Page: 1185]



    43. Norina Consuela FornaProprosthetic interventions in the posterior maxillary implant therapy [Page: 1192]
    44. E. Mihalas, Marinela Pasareanu, Laura Maria Gavrila, Carmen Savin, Dana Cristiana Maxim, A. MaximValue of scots index in a school community from Iasi [Page: 1203]
    45 Lucia Barlean, I. Danila, Carina Balcos, Iulia Saveanu, Adriana BalanPreventive attitudes towards infection transmission in dental offices in north-east Romania [Page: 1209]

    46. Anca Sava, Monica ScutariuFunctional anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint (II) [Page: 1213]


    47. Madalina Vieriu, Nela Bibire, Gladiola Tantaru, M. Apostu,  Alina Diana Panainte, V. DorneanuSpectrometric method for the assay of ramipril using molybdophosphoric acid [Page: 1218]
    48. Elena Cretu, Adriana Trifan, Al. Vasincu, Anca MironPlant-derived anticancer agents - curcumin in cancer prevention and treatment [Page: 1223]
    49. R. B. Sandu, L. Tartau, A. Miron, M. Zagnat, C. M. Ghiciuc, C. E. LupusoruExperimental researches on acute toxicity of a Bidens tripartita extract in mice - preliminary investigations [Page: 1230]



  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 3 (2012)

    Doina AzoicaiEthics of prevention through vaccination [Page: 665]


    1. Paloma Manea, Rodica Ghiuru, Cristina-Maria Gavrilescu, D. MunteanuLong-term prognosis of polyvascular patients with associated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Page: 669]
    2. Speranta-Giulia Herea, C. ScripcaruStatistical analysis of suicide characteristics in Iasi county [Page: 674]
    3. Maria Daniela Havris, Codrina Ancuta, Cristina IordacheStudy on the effectiveness of the kinetic method in patients with rheumatic diseases and temporomandibular joint dysfunction [Page: 681]
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